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Please list at least four (4) references who may be contacted regarding your teaching or teacher preparation experience. Please include at least one superintendent, principal or supervisor who evaluated or supervised your performance. Beginning teachers should include cooperating teacher(s) and college supervisor(s).

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(A misdemeanor or felony conviction is not an automatic bar to employment. Aristoi Classical Academy will consider the nature, date and the relationship between the offense and the position for which you are applying.)

This form is to assist us in determining whether we have a position in which you can make your best contribution and, therefore, on in which you can grow professionally and derive a maximum of satisfaction from your work. We are extremely interested in maintaining the high caliber of personnel that we now have and will, therefore, appreciate receiving an accurate account of your qualifications for the position for which you are applying.

Applicants are considered for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital or veteran status, or the presence of a non-related medical condition or disability.

Please fill out the application and return it to the Administrator, Aristoi Classical Academy. Interviews are scheduled only when vacancies exist or when we anticipate future vacancies. We will contact you to arrange for a personal interview should there be a position for which you are qualified.


I hereby certify that all the information given in this application, to the best of my knowledge, is true, accurate and complete. Any misrepresentation or willful omission of facts shall be sufficient cause for disqualification of this application or termination of employment. Furthermore, it is understood that this application and records become the property of Aristoi Classical Academy which reserves the right to accept or reject it. I further agree to observe all rules, regulations and policies of the School.

I hereby authorize Aristoi Classical Academy to conduct work history, personal reference or police record inquiries to determine my acceptability for employment, in accordance with the provisions of the Texas Education Code, and I further authorize any law enforcement agency, including, but not limited to, any police department or the Department of Public Safety as well as the Texas Department of Corrections to furnish Aristoi Classical Academy any such record. References and information which become a part of this record may be revealed to all persons who participate in the selection of employees.