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"Aristoi" is an ancient Greek word meaning "the best, noble character, and a right nature."

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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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    One of the more powerful scenes in American cinema depicts the flogging of the proud African Kunta Kente who sought freedom by running away but was ultimately caught. He received two forms of punish for this transgression: one physical the other psychological. As a consequence of running away the white slaveowner asked the overseer to have Kunta flogged in the presence of the other enslaved Africans on the farm as a means of "socializing" or conditioning them, and in turn the overseer instructed a negro headman to whip Kunta. For Kunta the physical scars were deep and traumatizing, but those were transient. Far greater and longer lasting damage was done in denuding him of his African name which connected him to his people, his culture, and his history and forcing him to accept an alien name, which essentially confirmed his status as property and chattel (a being without a culture and without history).

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