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Dear Parents,
Happy New Year!!! I am so excited to have a fresh 2018 start  with each one of your kids. I think we can all agree that we needed a reboot to regain enough stamina in order to go about happily throughout the year. Today, I felt very refreshed and happy to be with each one of my students.
Here are some business pointers to help you have a heads up on what is happening in class.
*January 11th....Greek temple project is due. The handout with the details was sent home some weeks ago but you can also find a copy in my website.
*January 5th ....Last day to recite the poem  "A Poison Tree"
*We will no longer be using Spelling handouts, instead each student will have his/her own vocabulary workbook to use for the entire semester.
*This semester we will be studying Roman history.
*We have finished reading The Trojan War and now we will be reading the following books: The Golden Fleece, and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.
Please remind your child to write all assignments down in their planner. Some students are still struggling with organization. If your child is one of them please check their binder daily to help him build good organization habits. I can only do so much in school; the rest is really up to you!
Also, today we discussed goals for 2018. I highly encouraged them to work on improving their friendships and becoming more mature and responsible by helping with chores at home. I hope this year we can work more closely to help these children cultivate in their lives "the virtues of justice, courage, temperance, and wisdom." (Core belief 3) My goal this semester is not only to finish the year with 5th graders but to help each one of them grow in character so that they can be well prepared for 6th grade.
On another note, please forgive me for not sending out Remind text anymore. My app has a glitch and I am working on fixing it as soon as possible. In the meantime, please check your emails and the website for the latest news. Thank you.
Mrs. Castillo