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Google Classroom Join Codes

Each of my courses use Google Classroom pages to share information. To join, go to and enter the appropriate join code. Here are the join codes for my classes:
Biology: m4vgs4g
Physics: d5qrip
Anatomy & Physiology: 3lt8pl
My students and their parents are welcome to join.
Mrs. Campbell

Chemistry Lesson Plans

Here are the Lesson Plans through April 4th. This weekend's homework, which the students wrote down on the previous version of the plans, is on page 3. I will be giving students a printed copy of these plans on Tuesday in class.

Physics Ch 23 Quiz tomorrow

Physics Students,
I want to remind you all that we have a Ch 23 Quiz tomorrow. If you have any questions from the reading or the Ch 23 Review, then plan to ask me on or before first thing tomorrow.
Mrs. Campbell