Aristoi Classical Academy

The first day of school is August 12th!  Let's go Griffins!
"Aristoi" is an ancient Greek word meaning "the best, noble character, and a right nature."
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Welcome to the Aristoi NEHS page.  I will post forms, links for sign-up genius service opportunities, and information on upcoming events here.  We will plan to have two Fall meetings and two Spring meetings.  Induction is already on the Aristoi event calendar and is scheduled for May 7 from 6pm- 7pm at the Griffin Center.
Congratulations to our NEHS officers!
President: Millie Steen
Vice-President: Madeline McElhannon
Secretary: Kylie Clark
Treasurer: Annabelle Wall
Use this link to sign-up to help hang the flags at the Aristoi Campus.  
Use this link to help sign-up to lower the flags at 3:15 for a 1
week commitment.
Use this link to sign-up to help clean the hallway of the D-Building at the end of the day.  Sign up for one week of service.  Expect to work from 3:15-3:30 everyday for one week.
Use this link to sign-up to help with lunch litter patrol.  Available during the leisure portion of lunch and leisure every other Friday.  Meet Mrs. Jackson on the porch in front of the D building after dismissal to leisure.  Counts as 1/2 hour of service.
Please complete a total of ten hours of service this school year.  2018 summer volunteer hours count towards the 2018-19 school year.  At least three hours of service should be completed at Aristoi.
Use this link to sign up to help with Booster Club BBQ on October 13
NEHS sign-ups have been updated for the spring semester.  Remember, you should serve ten hours each year, and three of those should be at Aristoi events.
NEHS T-Shirts arrived on Friday.  I plan to sort and have them delivered to student homerooms by Tuesday, January 29.