Welcome to the Registrar's Page


If you are interested in attending Aristoi Classical Academy please submit an application using SchoolMint at the following link. https://aristoiclassical.schoolmint.net/signup 
When a spot becomes available you will be notified by the method you chose when setting up your SchoolMint account.

Accepting/Declining Enrollment:

When you receive notice that there is a spot available for your student please be sure to accept or decline the spot by the deadline specified in the notice. The offer will be rescinded if it has not been accepted/declined by the deadline and offered to the next family on the waitlist.


When you accept the enrollment offer you will receive an acceptance verification email with the online Registration link.

1. Complete the online registration using the links provided in the acceptance verification email from SchoolMint. 
2. Download the Consent to Release and Health Inventory forms to complete.
3. Using the link provided in the SchoolMint acceptance email, please upload the below documents to complete your registration.

Note that the following documents are REQUIRED for registration:

• Proof of residence (Current Utility bill or Lease Agreement only)

         o Phone, cable bills, auto insurance or other documents will not be accepted
         o If you share a residence and do not have a utility bill in your name please download and complete the Residence Affidavit form.
            This form does require a notary seal.
• Birth Certificate
• Social Security Card
• Up-to-date Immunization Record
• Report Card or Transcript from the school most recently attended
• Withdrawal document from the school most recently attended
• Parent/Guardian ID
• Special Service Records if applicable
• Custody/Guardianship Papers if applicable

If you are needing an Official or Unofficial high school transcript complete the Transcript Request Form & bring it to the Registrar’s office located in the district office building in front of the Upper Campus. PLAN AHEAD: ACA cannot be held responsible for the date mail is postmarked. Depending on the time of year transcript requests can take 4-5 days to process.

• Most Colleges/Universities require official transcripts to be sent from the school.
• For most Texas Universities, Colleges the transcripts will be sent electronically if they utilize the TRex (Texas Records Exchange) system.
• Out of State Universities, Colleges, Private schools and scholarships transcripts will be mailed.


Please notify the Registrar as soon as you know your student is leaving ACA. Withdrawal processing requires 24-hour notice.  When you come to withdraw your student you will be asked to complete a Withdrawal Questionnaire. If you have access to a printer you may download and complete the form to bring with you.