Ms. Burleson's
Aristoi website
I utilize Google Classroom as a way for students to communicate with me and their classmates.  
You will need a gmail account to sign-in 
Here are the following codes to join classes.
Life Science
7A (period B) - khi503w
7B (period G ) - 3nckr0
7C (period A) - c7goa5d
7D (period D) - f9vhj0t
Math - 1wu1ttr
I also will use Remind to communicate with parents and guardians.
Here are the following codes to join classes.
               Students need a composition book for science on Friday, August 16, 2019     
               Your child needs to have their syllabus signed and brought back to class by            
                              Tuesday August 20, 2019
Here are the SYLLABI for MATH and LIFE SCIENCE.  If you are able, feel free to electronically sign the back page and email it to me.  
Get to know your teacher
Hi, let me introduce myself.  My name is Ms. Burleson and this will be my fifth year teaching at Aristoi.  Two important facts that I would like for you to know about me is that I LOVE my job and I LOVE working with 7th & 8th graders.  I enjoy teaching math and science and finding ways to teach the curriculum in an interesting and possibly fun manner.  
I have lived in Katy, Texas most of my life and even attended Katy High School.   I received a degree in education at Texas A&M University.  (Gig'em Aggies!)
I began my career teaching math to eight graders in Amarillo Texas while my husband went to pharmacy school.  After five years, I took a hiatus to raise and eventually homeschool my two daughters for many years.  However, the pull to teach and work with students in the classroom led me to Aristoi.  At Aristoi, I found the ideals of classical education an excellent way to teach children how to really think for themselves, be able to articulate those views and be able to support their ideas.  I also believe that the school should help support the parents in raising children with virtuous character.
I have one daughter who graduated from Aristoi last May and one who is completing her junior year here so I believe whole-heartily in the school's mission.
I am grateful and honored to work with your children and building a strong relationship with families at Aristoi.    
Aristoi  Schedule
I've included the Parent/Student Handbook.  I included several of the the forms that will need your signature.  You will receive this in the "first day" packet. This is just an opportunity to get a head start.