Welcome to Computer Technology!



In Computer Technology, students will be introduced to many different aspects of computers and current technology.  They will gain knowledge of appropriate digital citizenship and Internet Safety.  The opportunities provided are planned to enhance their current Classical Education here at Aristoi, while gaining skills necessary to operate and be successful in our Technological Age.


About the Class:

Computer Technology will be a primarily web-based class using various websites and programs.  All websites the students will be using are accessible to them at home via my class webpage under the tab “Links”.  Students will be doing some offline activities as part of their lessons and Internet Safety will be stressed throughout the year through conversations and activities.  This year, we will have a class set of iPads which as made posible by our PTO. I am thrilled to be able to offer a new set of experiences for my students in class using iPads to access new applications and programs.  I am excited for this year at Aristoi with your amazing children!