Welcome to 2nd Grade!


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Conference Period: Monday through Wednesday and Friday 2:05-2:30 




Announcements & School News:

August 12 - First Day of School

September 2 - Labor Day Holiday

October 11 - End of 1st 9 Weeks/Early Dismissal

October 14 - Columbus Day Holiday

October 15 - Start of 2nd Grading Period

October 25 - Student Holiday/Teacher Conferences 


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2nd Grade Novels:


2nd Grade Grading Scale

Participation - 20%

Classwork & Homework - 35%

Tests & Quizzes - 45%


Fluency Assessment Info

A large part of our grade for Reading is students' words per minute (wpm) read. Coming into 2nd grade, students should be reading at 60 wpm.

Therefore, we've set into place the following grading scale for reading for the  1st 9 weeks:

Reading 60+ wpm = A (90-100)

Reading 50-59 wpm = B (80-89)

Reading 40-49 wpm = C (75-79)

Reading 30-39 wpm = D (70-74)

Reading <30 wpm = F (69 and below)

This grading scale will change each 9 weeks, with expected wpm read to increase by 10 wpm.




Monday- Reading 15 Minutes, Math Facts

Tuesday-Reading 15 Minutes, Math Facts, and Phonics

Wednesday-Reading 15 Minutes, Math Facts

Thursday-Reading 15 Minutes, Math Facts, and Phonics

Friday- None



School Attendance/Absence Policy

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Field Trip Info

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