Mrs. Camper's Music

Mrs. Camper is in her 9th year at Aristoi. Music and children are two of her favorite things - and she gets to spend her day with both!

About K-4 Music Class

In keeping with the Classical Education model, music will be rich in history and language, and other classroom topics of study will be integrated into music when possible.


Class Frequency: once a week for each student in K-4



Communication with Mrs. Camper

Any concerns for individual students are typically communicated through "notes home" in the child's folder or through email. Please don't hesitate to contact Mrs. Camper through email or arrange a time to discuss in person if you or your student have questions or concerns. 



CONFERENCE PERIOD: 10:50-11:30pm daily + other times as available and arranged in advance

CONTACT ME:  281-391-5003







4th grade Chorus - Veterans Day Celebration (along with upper school students) - November 11, 2019.  6:30-7:30pm.

Griffin Center (upper school gym).


3rd grade - Spring performance. TBA


2nd grade - Spring performance. TBA



Fourth grade - it's recorder time!!  I'm collecting recorder "order forms" now. Please sign and return as soon as possible, even if you already have a recorder. Thank you!
See attached recorder form.

February notes

K-1 learned about Beethoven and moved beautifully to his "Fur Elise". Ask your students what they learned about Beethoven - specifically a sensory hardship which began when he was 30, but didn't stop his music writing.
2nd grade - it's all about, "DYNAMICS, Dynamics, dynamics - it's the volume." They're completing a dynamics journal where we've learned the special music words for loud (forte), quiet (piano), and medium loud (mezzo forte), and medium quiet (mezzo piano)
3rd & 4th grade have begun learning about naming music notes on the treble clef - also known as the G clef. 
4th grade will begin recorders in mid March. Details to come out soon. 

Jazzy January

We just finished learning about jazz and its American origins. In particular, we discussed improvisation and scatting. Ask your students about "Jazz Fly" - ZAH bah-za BOOza-ba ZEEzah ROni.
We sang a trio of songs that can be sung in a jazzy way together, but have its origins in slave songs - Spirituals:   When the Saints Go Marching In, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, and This Train is Bound for Glory

Friday, December 6th, I'll be leading a Christmas sing-a-long at the PTO Cookies with Santa event. No matter the age, all are invited to join in some of the fun songs of the season. 
The sing-a-long will start around 6:30pm. The event will be from 6:00-8:00pm. This is also your last chance to check out the Scholastic Book Fair!

Holiday Lessons

This is my most favorite time of the year! I wish there were more than 3 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas!
1st & 3rd grade will learn all about the Nutcracker Ballet. A ballet is an example of a "Music Story" - it uses music and dance to tell a story. We'll focus on the songs and story of the Nutcracker, and learn a couple of dances, too. 
Kinder, 2nd, and 4th grade will mostly spend time singing Christmas songs. Kinder will learn a few cute poems about snowmen, too. 
2nd grade will do some rhythm activities, and 4th grade will learn more about reading music notes - duration and note names.

GRIFFIN CENTER (5610 Morton Rd)
6:30pm (doors open at 6:00pm)
Go to this link to send in pictures of veterans, RSVP, sign up to help, and find out helpful notes about the program.

Patriotic Unit

We've been talking a lot about "Patriotism" - showing respect, honor, and loyalty to our country. 

Some of the patriotic songs we've been singing are: 
  • You're a Grand Old Flag (K/1)
  • Yankee Doodle (K-4)
  • America the Beautiful (K-4)
  • This Land Is Your Land (K-4)
  • My Country 'Tis of Thee (g2-4)
In 1st-4th grade, we've learned about rhythm and melody.
  • Rhythm - we've learned how to write simple music notes, called "stick notation", and that each sound needs a music note. We've made our own Patriotic songs and have written the music notes to go with it.
  • Melody - we've learned how to read songs with music notes and words, and have noticed how music notes go up and down to show when our voice goes up or down. 
In Kindergarten, we've continued with being "BEATful, TUNEful, and ARTful". Some of the songs we've sung, other than the patriotic ones listed are:
  • No More Pie
  • Frog in the Meadow
  • Aiken Drum
  • Johnny Works With One Hammer
  • Hello To All the Children of the World
  • There Ain't No Bugs on Me
  • The Cat Came Back


Progress Reports just went home this past week. I hope you received the CAMP Grading Guidelines as well. This explains our grading and a few other important things. Here's a quick recap:
  • CAMP - refers to the Specials classes of Computer, Art, Music, and PE. 
  • Grading -
    • most students will receive an "S" for 'Satisfactory' participation/effort
    • a few students may receive an "E" for 'Excellent' participation/effort
    • a student may even receive a daily grade of an "N" if their participation/effort 'Needs Improvement'
  • If you have questions about these grading guidelines, please email me at vcamper@aristoiclassical.org or make an appointment to speak with me in person or on the phone. 

Start of a new year!

Hi everyone! Welcome to a new year! I hope to post monthly some of the activities the grades are working on. So, come back regularly, or subscribe to this page.  :)
2nd-4th grade 
We've discussed what makes Aristoi a "classical" school. One of the things is a focus on virtue. While knowledge is important, it's useless without virtue. Virtue is needed for a community to succeed. 
"Sasha" is a Russian dance we've been learning, too. Ask your students how to say "1, 2, 3" in Russian.
Kinder-1st grade
Most of our time in the beginning is working on basic skills of self-control:
- listen and stop on signal
- isolate body and move only certain parts at a time
Song - The Wiggle Song
Song - march/freeze while listening to "March of the Toys" from Babes in Toyland
Echo singing. 
Song - Charlie Over the Ocean.  "What lives in the ocean?" 
Quiet Listening.
Song - Aquarium, by Camille Saint Saenz

Did you know...

On early dismissal days, the K-4 students get a special treat with a performance by an outside performing arts group?
This past early dismissal day, the students saw 2nd Generation Dance perform "Folklore and Fairy Tales from Africa". 
Some of the other upcoming performances are: 
"The Science of Sound"
"This Train Is Bound for Glory"
These performances are made possible because of the K-4 student Fine Art fees. Thank you for your support!