Brenda Davidson is the Headmaster of Aristoi Classical Academy.  Prior to being named Headmaster, she served ACA as a first grade teacher for three years and as interim headmaster for one year.

Prior to coming to ACA, Mrs. Davidson’s experience in education included 1) teaching: five years of kindergarten, three years of first grade, and one year of second grade; and 2) administration: one year as Registrar/Assistant Principal, one year as Development and Curriculum Director, and seven years as Principal.  In addition to all of those “hats,” Mrs. Davidson has also served as a mentor teacher, teacher team-leader, school accreditation team member, and long range school planning committee member.

Mrs. Davidson has a B.S. in Education.  It is her heart’s desire to pursue a master’s degree in liberal arts (classical studies) in her “free” time.

She has studied the ideas and writings of many classical school leaders and has reached out to the classical community for personal mentors as well as school and teaching mentors.  She has attended many Region IV administrative training sessions over the years to keep abreast of charter school guidelines.

What is your vision for Aristoi Classical Academy, its staff, teachers, parents and students?

I began to form an idea of my vision for classical education when I met George Sanker, who worked for Ridgeview Classical School (a charter in Colorado).  He was visiting Aristoi to consult with the board and administration when they were writing an earlier draft of the mission, vision and philosophy of the school. Those discussions impressed upon me the reality that classical education could transform education, especially public education.

I believe that Aristoi Classical Academy could become a model for other campuses in the future.  Like the original ACA, these other campuses would follow our mission to provide students with “an academically challenging Classical Liberal Arts education that encourages them to develop a passion for learning and that gives them the means to become responsible citizens of virtuous character.”

I believe all children can learn. Classical education is the foundation that will allow children to become the adults they were meant to be.  Our teachers and staff are committed to helping students become wise and intelligent citizens who will promote the True, Good, and Beautiful.  

As our vision states, Aristoi Classical Academy 

“aims to graduate young men and women who seek the truth in all things; 
who understand that learning is a life-long pursuit;
and who listen carefully (grammar), reason critically (logic),
communicate clearly, and write persuasively (rhetoric). 
We desire them to be honorable citizens who seek to improve their 
communities and the world rather than passively traveling along
the road most followed.  We desire to cultivate in our students the
virtues of courage, moderation, and wisdom.  We aim for them 
to be humble and magnanimous when dealing with others.  
We seek to help each student become who he or she is meant to be.”