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Aristoi Cypress Student of Virtuous Character

Elisha E.
Aristoi Classical Academy aims to graduate young men and women who seek the truth in all things; who understand that learning is a life-long pursuit; and who listen carefully, reason critically, communicate clearly, and write persuasively. We desire them to be honorable citizens who seek to improve their communities and the world rather than passively traveling along the road most followed. 
Aristoi’s Cypress is barely a year old and already students on that campus are demonstrating that they are citizens of virtuous character in and around their communities and it is showing beyond the walls of the school. Meet Elijah, a second grade student who has been with Aristoi since the Cypress campus opened in the fall of 2020. Some might describe him as shy and quiet but out of concern for the homeless, he started a campaign to make and create soap to distribute to the homeless population in and around the Greater Houston Area. He has since been featured in local interviews, as well as on a local radio station to talk about his endeavor.

We are incredibly proud of Elijah and all of the students Aristoi who chose to take the road less followed to make the world a better place. Doing the right thing and thinking of others is not always easy but at Aristoi, our mission is to provide students with an academically challenging Classical Liberal Arts education that encourages them to develop a passion for learning and that gives them the means to become responsible citizens of virtuous character.
If you know of a student, staff member, or parent who embodies a citizen of virtuous character, let us know about it by filling out the Aristoi Accomplishments Form