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Mr. Browne, Exemplar of Knowledge and Wisdom

Zak Browne At Aristoi Classical Academy, we deeply value our teachers and their drive to instill our students with knowledge, life skills, and the means to become responsible citizens of virtuous character. For this quarter, Aristoi s highlighting and celebrating the recent article published by our very own staff member, Zak Browne.
Fifth grade History and ELA teacher, Mr. Browne, has been married to his wife, Gabbi Browne, for 18 years. Mrs. Browne is also a teacher here at Aristoi and together they have four children, Nate (8th grade), Simon, Edison, and Fitzgerald (6th grade), all of whom also attend our academy.
Mr. Browne graduated from St. John’s University in New York with a BS in Communication Arts with a minor in English. He later obtained his Master’s of Liberal Arts from the University of St. Thomas in Houston. 
Mr. Browne’s first notable work of literature was an essay he submitted in fifth grade. His teacher read it aloud to the class and informed him that it was “good”. “Trust me. That was a compliment,” remarked Mr. Browne. In 11th grade, he published his first article as a freelance writer for Long Island Sports, a small local paper. He went on to work as a reporter for WE Magazine, a lifestyle magazine for individuals with physical disabilities. When not teaching, Mr. Browne writes articles for Sports Sim Magazine, in which he has six published articles. His most recent article covers a baseball board game that he has played since he was a child, and he appreciates that this paper gives him a chance to write about his hobbies.
Mr. Browne has only worked at Aristoi for the past two years, and yet his passion for teaching and the impact he has on his students is palpable. In total, Mr. Browne has been teaching for 23 years at various schools in the Houston area. Before Aristoi, he taught at Incarnate Word Academy, St. Michael Catholic School, and The Village School. Out of all the joys of being an educator, Mr. Browne’s favorite part is when his former students stop to visit him and tell him “thank you”. He became inspired to become a teacher after his previous job as a reporter when he noticed that many of the adults that were writing for the paper submitted articles that were of poor quality. In order for adults to be well-educated and equipped for life, we have to be sure they are led well from the start. So Mr. Browne set off to become a teacher.
We are thankful Mr. Browne made the decision to educate and lead the students of Aristoi Classical Academy and we congratulate him on his work!