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Donor Spotlight

Young Audiences Arts for Learning Houston and Aristoi PTO partner together to bring a unique performance to Aristoi students

YAHAristoi's philosophy is to provide a disciplined culture of excellence that fosters intellectual curiosity through a partnership with the students, their parents, and the community. Mrs. Ginna Balestrini, Aristoi Katy Grammar School's Spanish teacher & ESL Coordinator embraced that philosophy when she applied for support through the Young Audiences Arts for Learning of Houston, to bring a unique experience to students. Aristoi Classical Academy was granted half of the support needed for the performance. The other half of the support was provided by the Aristoi Katy PTO whose purpose it is to support and enhance the educational experience for students on that campus. 
The students’ passion for learning fueled Mrs. Balestrini’s drive to partner with the community and the parents to bring unique cultural experiences to Aristoi. On Friday, October 8th, Aristoi Katy Grammar's Kindergarten through Fourth grade students enjoyed a dramatic reading of Jasminne Mendez's bilingual children’s picture book Josefina’s Habichuelas/Lashabichuelas de Josefina about a young Dominican girl’s love of sweets and how she learned to honor her cultural traditions and cherish time with her family.
Thank you Mrs. Balestrini, Young Audiences Arts for Learning of Houston, and the Aristoi Katy PTO for your support of classical education! 
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 Aristoi utilizes resources to deliver the very best classical education to students that may not otherwise have access to high levels of academic rigor and character development. Gifts to Aristoi help make up the difference between state and federal funding and the actual cost of educating our students.
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