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Julie Dold Bio

Julie has lived in Katy since 2009. She graduated from Houston Baptist University, now known as Houston Christian University, where she double majored in Speech Communication and Mass Communication. She worked as an editor for a local magazine and a luxury travel company before deciding to stay home with her girls. Once all three were in school she began to search for a better education for them. It didn't take long before she found that Aristoi's Truth, Goodness, and Beauty was exactly the place she was wanting for her girls, and turned out to be for her too! Julie is excited to see her girls grow to become virtuous young women alongside all the other remarkable Griffin scholars.
When not at work, you can find her entertaining her three girls, snuggling with her two doodles (Murray and Gryffin), thinking about working out, going to the movies, planning her next vacation, hanging out by the pool, and eating all the delicious food her husband David spoils her with.