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The portion of our band program which is extracurricular is the 5-8 band program.  Our middle school band program is currently designed to pull out students from either P.E. or Guided Study for 30-min sessions with the teacher every other day.  Our 5-6 band is taught by Mrs. Stone and our 7-8 band is taught by Mrs. Peterson.  This page is dedicated to the middle school band program. 

Our high school program is different in that it is a graded course.  Two levels of high school band are offered:  one for students who have never played before (or who are still very new beginners) and an advanced level.  In the advanced level, students would need to have passed our Introductory Level or its equivalent.  Equivalency can be shown through demonstrating ability via a short playing test.  For more information about the band program in high school, please visit our high school section.