Statistical research has shown that students who participate in academic extracurricular activities score higher on achievement and assessment tests than those who do not participate in such academic programs. We also have found that participants whose parents are actively involved in working with their children in extracurricular academic programs have the greatest success in competition, as well as in their future academic studies.
Our school has elected to participate in the Private Schools Interscholastic Association (PSIA) extracurricular academic program for elementary and middle schools this year. PSIA participation motivates your child in these ways:
  • refine mental aptitudes
  • affirm self-worth
  • bring new excitement to learning (especially in the springtime)
  • develop teamwork and a sense of fair play
  • experience a sense of pride and dignity
  • appreciate that rules, consistently applied, create order and discipline
  • experience the joy of achieving in a wholesome environment
  • foster self-discipline and perseverance
  • achieve recognition for academic excellence
  • make better choices of after-school activities
  • enjoy camaraderie with students from other schools
  • receive tangible awards for their academic ability
CLICK HERE for additional online information about PSIA.

Your child can sign up to compete in one or more of these PSIA academic events:

                   Art Memory (gr 4-8)                                        Mathematics (gr 2-8)                              Ready Writing gr 3-8)

                   Calculator (gr 6-8)                                           Modern Oratory (gr 7-8)                      Science (gr 6-8)

                   Creative Writing (gr 1 & 2)                          Music Memory (gr 3-8)                           Spelling (gr 2-8)

                   Dictionary Skills (gr 4-8)                                   Number Sense (gr 4-8)                           Storytelling (gr 1-3)  

                   Impromptu Speaking (gr 7-8)                          On-Site Drawing (gr 6-8)                  Vocabulary (gr 5-8)

                   Listening Skills (gr 4-8)                                     One-Act Play (gr 6-8) 

   Maps, Graphs & Charts (gr 4-8)   Poetry (gr 4-8)                           


A limited number of students at each grade level will be entered into the district level in each event. We encourage you to visit with your child about his/her interests and the possibilities of entering these events. Our district (11AA) will compete on Saturday, March 2, 2019.
Further information about each contest may be found on the PSIA website OR you may contact one of the PSIA coordinators via email:
       Alison Rodgers, Elementary Campus, email: arodgers@aristoiclassical.org
Blaine Locheed, Upper School, email: blocheed@aristoiclassical.org
To participate, the PSIA registration form below must be completed and returned to your child’s teacher or the front office with payment by Monday, September 24, 2018. We anticipate an exciting academic year. 
Thank you for your participation.