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"Aristoi" is an ancient Greek word meaning "the best, noble character, and a right nature."
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Dear Friends of Aristoi,

Aristoi Classical Academy is an educational treasure in the heart of Historic Katy.  Aristoi is an ancient Greek word meaning the best, noble character, and a right nature. The name captures the values our school holds most dear. Aristoi is a charter school, a type of public school with no tuition. Our goal is to provide the “best” in education by giving the individual attention and support of a private school to the public at no cost. Using the time-honored texts of classical literature, we immerse students in a rich intellectual curriculum.  Our focus on the art of learning gives us the freedom to weave together subjects as diverse as history, science, mathematics, Latin, and fine arts.  Our high standards impel all students to develop the skills of critical thinking and effective verbal and written communication.  Because we believe that knowledge cannot be divorced from character, our school pairs academic instruction with an emphasis on traditional values such as respect, temperance, responsibility, and patriotism.

As a tuition-free charter school, we receive state funds based on the average daily attendance of students (same as traditional public schools).  Charter schools, however, have the financial disadvantages of being paid less per student than traditional independent school districts, not receiving funds from local tax revenue, and not receiving state facilities funding. The TEA Actual Financial Data report from 2017-2018 shows that Katy Independent School District received $11,116 per student while Aristoi received $7,981 per student in that year.  In addition to the per-student funding above, regular districts like Katy I.S.D. receive additional public funds for building and maintaining facilities.  Aristoi has to build or maintain all of its facilities out of the per-student fund or from private donations.  Fundraising is, therefore, a necessity to ensure that our students have suitable facilities and learning tools.

We are requesting your financial help in meeting the School’s immediate needs, which include new library books and shelving, a science lab and playground equipment for the Elementary School and a competition field (lights, bleachers, watering system), professional development funds, and additional science portable at the Upper School. For your convenience, your tax-deductible donation may be made with a credit card at, or by check made out to Aristoi Classical Academy and turned into the Business Office.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to lead current and future students into the love of learning as they become men and women of virtuous character.



Brenda Davidson






NOTE: Whenever companies, foundations and/or other individuals  give to the school, they will receive a tax deduction. Please consider presenting information about our school to individuals or companies who might be willing to make a charitable gift.

To print a copy of the pledge form, see the pdf below.

Pledge/donation form

Monetary pledges may be submitted in the form of a check, cashier's check or money order. Pledges can be made in person at the school or sent via US postal mail: 
(Aristoi Classical Academy, 5618 Eleventh St., Katy, TX   77493)

Online pledge may be made via paypal or credit card. 
CLICK HERE to make online pledges/donations.
Please complete a pledge form & turn it in at the school upon completing your online transaction.