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About Us

ACA PTO supports our students and teachers by providing them with everything they need to maintain an exciting well-supplied learning environment- and we need your help! It’s easier than you think.
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Myth #1: PTO is a huge time commitment.
You can volunteer as much or as little as you’d like. Bring a single dish to a teacher appreciation lunch, commit on Fridays with popcorn or cookies, or something in between (like hanging decorations for the Father-Daughter Dance). You DO NOT have to volunteer for every event.
Myth #2: PTO is simply a fundraising organization.
Nope. The PTO does organize fundraisers, but all of that income is poured back into the school thru organized family events (pictures with Santa), classroom supplies (computer monitors), or fun stuff (the new playground)! Anything to make school more fun for our kids!
Myth #3: My child won’t benefit from my joining the PTO.
Actually, research shows that students with involved parents perform better in school, score better on standardized tests, have fewer behavioral problems, are less likely to use drugs and alcohol, and go to better colleges. Besides, they LOVE seeing their parents decorating bulletin boards in the hallways or popping popcorn at movie night.
Myth #4: ACA PTO doesn’t need me. They have it all together.
We do have a pretty great team of parents, but there will ALWAYS be room for you. Sign up to receive our PTO emails and we will send you reminders about our events. You decide if you have time to volunteer. And ... we are always looking for dads; especially when we have heavy lifting!
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