Parent Portal

2019-2020 Parent Portal



ASCENDER is a parent portal application that provides parents and guardians web access to current school-related information about their child; including attendance, grades, and assignments. It works in conjunction with txGradebook, a classroom management system used by teachers to maintain and post student data, which is integrated with the TxEIS Student system.  Parents/guardians may access ASCENDER from anywhere with an Internet connection (work or home). Attendance, grades, and assignments posted in ASCENDER are updated throughout the day on a daily basis.


The registration process allows you to choose your username and password. Click on the How to Setup Parent Portal click on the right for instructions. However, if you have used this system previously, your username and password will remain the same.




Note: As a security measure, three unsuccessful attempts to log in will lock your account. After a designated time period, your account will be unlocked.



Automated registration, log on, and password recovery

  • Student summary view
  • Detailed attendance views, including totals
  • Detailed grade views for cycles and semesters
  • Searchable assignments page
  • Customizable alert notifications for grades and attendance


If you have questions concerning your child's attendance or grades, please address these issues in the following order:

  • Discuss the issue with your child
  • Discuss the issue with the teacher via email, phone or a conference
  • Discuss the issue with the campus counselor
  • Discuss the issue with a campus Administrator


Teachers should have their grades posted shortly after the due date, pending the length of the assignment.