Core Beliefs


I am responsible for the quality of my own education.  

I am at school to become morally self-disciplined and intellectually well-ordered.
I will cultivate in my life the virtues of justice, courage, temperance, and wisdom.
To these classical virtues, I will seek to add magnanimity and friendship.
I will strive to bring honor to my family, school, and all those I represent and love.
I will choose what is right and good and overcome cultural diversions.
I will recognize that education is incomplete without humility.
I am prepared to endure hardship and difficulty in order to become a successful student.
I will nourish and discipline my body in order to improve my mind.
I will seek truth in all things, for truth illumines all who find it.
To gain the wisdom of the ages, I will apply my knowledge for good.
I will strive to understand beauty, for beauty enriches all who recognize it.
I will pursue wisdom to discern the TRUE, the GOOD, and the BEAUTIFUL; these will add to the inheritance of the generations that have gone before me.