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Andria Smalley, Ed. S., Special Education 4-7

Andria (Monceaux) Smalley, originally from Louisiana, began teaching in 2010. She graduated in 2018 with her Education Specialist (Ed. Sp.) degree from McNeese State University in Educational Leadership and Technology. She taught as a reading specialist and served as an administrator of a public K-12 school. In 2019, she moved to Texas and taught special education. She also met her now husband, Justin. They relocated to Houston in 2020, where she continued teaching special education as the department lead, was a new teacher mentor, and served on the Superintendent's district student improvement committee. In her free time, she enjoys crafting, cooking, and traveling. 


Her philosophy of education is a culmination of her years of experience as an educator and administrator woven together with her general beliefs about people. This view is not static; it is ever evolving. She seeks to practice effective teaching strategies and to reflect upon what works and what does not, allowing the flexibility to change when change is needed.


She holds education to be of immense value and importance for every child. This education extends beyond the general scope of the curriculum and should incorporate a passion for life-long learning, the innate desire to effectively affect their communities for the greater good, and the ability to embrace all things true, good, and beautiful.