Aristoi Cypress Elementary & Middle School (K-6)

At Aristoi, we use the Trivium to organize the stages of learning based upon the child’s natural stages of intellectual development.

The Grammar Stage (K-4th)

This stage focuses on mastering fundamentals in phonics, spelling, grammar, mathematics, science, history, and literature, as well as procedural fluency and conceptual understanding of math and the context and concepts of science.


The Logic Stage (5-6th coming Fall 2021)

This stage focuses on building on the fundamentals by teaching children to think and analyze critically and to argue well by arranging facts into organized arguments. Students begin this process by following the argumentation and logic of the different subjects. For example, science uses this by developing and testing hypotheses, and math develops a student's ability to logically orient numbers through more abstract concepts.

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New Student applications and Sibling Priority for the upcoming school year will be accepted starting Monday, February 1, 2021, through Saturday, February 28, 2021. No applications for the 2021-2022 school year will be able to be accepted prior to this time.
As we prepare for the upcoming school year, the Cypress Campus will suspend providing tours at this time. We will resume tours once the school year has started and everyone has settled. We appreciate your patience.
Aristoi Cypress Faculty and Staff

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