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Music Teacher

Mrs. Horeth is new to Texas.  She is a mother of 5 grown children and 7 grandchildren.  She graduated from San Diego State University with a BA in Music and a Minor in Psychology.  She plays piano, guitar, ukulele and recorders.  "One of my favorite things to do is sing!  The other is teaching."  While in California, Mrs. Horeth owned a business called "Singing Solo" where she taught young people how to sing and perform.  Her group traveled all over Southern California performing in front of live audiences. 
Mrs. Horeth worked at a classical school in Temecula, CA for the last 7 years teaching Drama.  She also produced and directed many musicals for kids at a theater in Murrieta, CA.  She has written and produced many children's songs and gospel music, as well.
Mrs. Horeth left California in 2020 and moved to Texas. Mrs. Horeth is very happy to be teaching Music to young people at Aristoi Classical Academy.  The fact that she gets to instill an interest in Classical Music and Folk Music is very satisfying.   "Rhythm and Harmony find their way into the inward place of the soul."  - Plato.