Kelly Garrison, 5th Grade English Language Arts and History
Welcome to 5th Grade ELA and History! Thank you for the privilege and opportunity of teaching your children. 
Please join our Google Classroom to have digital access to class documents, presentations, and other materials that have been sent home.  

Listed below are conference times and the weekly schedule. If you have any questions throughout the year, please feel free to contact me. Email will be the easiest and fastest way to reach me. 

This year we will use Class Dojo, instead of weekly folders.  I will be sending home information about Class Dojo at the end of the first week of school.  



Email me anytime!


Please schedule all conferences in advance by phone or email. 

March 27, 2020


Dear Aristoi 5th and 6th grade Students and Parents,


We made it through the first week of online learning!  We are so proud of all your work, patience, and perseverance as we learn how to navigate Google Classroom and continue our academic journey together.  We are learning to function as a strong and healthy community even when we are not in the physical classroom.


We have developed this list of suggestions that we hope will make your online learning experience a bit smoother next week.


  1. Start the week by looking at or printing the weekly assignment sheet that 5th and 6th grade teachers are posting at the top of their classwork page.  These are posted by 8AM on Monday morning,


  1. Go through the content in the suggested order. Please watch videos, read material, watch lectures, and read directions first before moving on to the assignment that needs to be submitted.


  1. Students can receive emails with their new Aristoi gmail accounts directly from Aristoi Teachers, or from Google Classroom, but they cannot send or receive emails from other students.  As teachers grade work, it is returned to the student’s Aristoi gmail. In these emails, students can see their grades and any comments that teachers may provide.


  1. If you are using Google Classroom on a phone or tablet, you might need to download Google Docs or Google Slides in order to access all the content.


Please know that our goal is to provide instructional support that is beneficial, fosters academic progress toward our intended year end curriculum goals, and provides some degree of normal routine for our 5th and 6th grade students.  Much of our content has been streamlined, but teachers have also provided open ended enrichment opportunities such as access to Imagine Math and Istation for students who benefit from staying busy.


Please continue to let us know if we can assist you with any technology issues.

Please log on to Google Classroom to access materials and complete instructions.

Week 1 Assignments are due March 27

Assignments can be emailed to me, uploaded completed, or a picture of the completed assignment sent will be accepted.

If you do not have your Adventures of Tom Sawyer text with you at home it can be found on-line. 

Directions: Students will read Chapter 29 of Tom Sawyer and respond in a complete sentence to the reflection questions below. Please respond in complete sentences and try to include strong verbs and -ly adverbs within your responses.

  • Which house do Tom and Becky plan to go to after the picnic?
  • Describe the cave that the picnickers explore. Use text evidence to support your answer.
  • What are Injun Joe and the stranger planning to do?
  •  Who does Huck ask for help?
  • Huck is deathly afraid of Injun Joe, why does he decide to tell?


Access history slides video on our class Google Classroom. Write a keyword outline and submit it.

After reading “Augustus and the Golden Age of Rome” (pages 266-275 in your Book of the Ancient Romans), answer these questions.  

  • What year did Octavius return to Rome? 
  • What Roman title or office was awarded to both Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar? 
  • Augustus Caesar was called Princeps. What did that mean? 
  • Which Roman commander was defeated by Germanic tribes?
  • What were the Ludi Seculares? 

Short answer questions: Please write a complete sentence to give your answer.

  • What did Augustus do to improve the government of the provinces? Write your answer in a complete sentence. 
  • What were some of Augustus' other reforms? Write your answer in a complete sentence. 
  • On page 270 of your textbook, the author says, "Augustus had no ambitions of conquest." What did Augustus focus on instead? Write your answer in a complete sentence.